Home Build - Basic Sequence?
Can anyone advise as to the basic sequence for a BIY project.

I've already been told to leave the engine and front suspension to as late as possible.

Any other pointers?

G'day. Not done a biy but I'd assume that Birkin have done enough of these things to have documented the experience in a logical sequence. If you did not receive a manual locally our aussie mates seem to have published them here mate: http://www.birkin.com.au/technical_documents_home.php


just remembered that I actually have done a SIY TAN(strip it yourself to absolutely nothing) , and then R BIY IRW (rebuild it yourself including rewiring)..how the memory faids..

For what it's worth it didn't really matter what order things happened unless obviously that thing gets in the way of the next, .e.g. installing the motor before you've finished the tunnel would be a bit dof! Logically leaving off the whole front suspendies to very last will save broken kneecaps when you bash into an exposed hub / wheel stud, plus a good few meters of commuting i.e.if you work out how many times you have walked from one side of the car to the other, then multiply that number by the extra distance involved with the bits already on you might not need those new Nikes for Xmas.

One tip though is don't rush getting the thing down to floor level then try to carry on with detail stuff cos jacked up nice and high on very sturdy tressles makes for much less backache and you can still easily retrieve the nuts and washers and tools that you will drop through the car onto the floor. With it jacked up you can fecth these things by doing a leasurely leopard crawl but with it down on the floor you need a 4 foot long feeler gauge to scoop them out.

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