Radiator Pipes
Hi Guys

Is anyone using Stainless steel pipes for the extension pipes for the cooling system to the radiator?

I have a silvertop 20valve to a Locost Sa Radiator in a Locost Sa chassis.

If so is there a problem with eltrolosy(Please excuse speeling)?
My father thinks that there maybe a problem with this. Similar to what happens with yatches and how they have to earth some materials onboard.


I had stainless steel pipes on my old car, no problem whatsoever

On the new car I'm using Ali pipes. On these I know corrosion could be a problem in the long run, but replacing them is easy.
Thanks Anton

I guess it is easy enough to replace the pipes.
But what happens to the the little pieces of corrision, do they bond to the other metal components in the the cooling system?:-k

Hi Murray
I am using aluminium in my car. I bought some stainless but it is very heavy in comparison to the aluminium. If you want to come around and have a look at it for your car you are welcome. I'll work out a mate-rate :-)

As I said, I bought 32mm OD aluminium pipe and ran the polisher over it and it came up with a mirror finish. I bought black 32mm ID radiator hoses from Gordon's Auto Spares just off Beyers Naude. I took 4 pipes that were zig-zag shaped, this was enough to put the cooling system together.

Pics on my blog in the build section.


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