20v Oil cooler?
Hi all,
Currently upgrading to a 20v, I understand that an oil cooler is a no brainer, my question is how big, where from and are "sandwich plates" available for the 20v?


Check here: http://www.hot4cold.co.za/home1.html
or here: http://www.ventura.co.za/html/engine_oil_coolers.html

Go for a 19 row one.
Hi Rowan, I'm not really sure if you actually need an oil cooler on the Toyota 20V. I suggest you fit an oil temperature guage (Best to fit the sensor in the sump)and monitor the oil temps during competition and town driving. If the oil temp is too high then fit one. You also do not want to have oil that is too cool and not operating at it's designed temperature as this can actually cause engine damage. If you find you need to fit one you can but the Setrab range of coolers from ATS 011 6708400. They can also help you with the sandwich plate. Try Mike Bond at International Race Supplies as well on 011 804 1275
ATS and Mike Bond are both very expensive

Hot 4 Cold stock Setrab's as well as all the pipes and plates and fittings and are very well priced. Their remote oil filter hosing works will for a Lotus 7 application

Both the 20v Birkin and the 20v Locost run 19 row coolers from them, so does my VW challenge car.

For competition a cooler is def needed! During the SRA last weekend the 20v LoCost ran at 130 degrees oil and 80 degrees water, pretty much perfect. Without a cooler the oil temp would have climbed over 150 very quickly

Golf runs to over 140 degrees.

The RXi's all had oil coolers fitted after they had failures due to high oil temps.

R2500 well spent

Be sure to compare apples with apples when shopping for sandwich plates, remote filter housings, hose fittings, hose size etc. You don't want to skimp in this area and cause restictions and pressure drops. There appears to be a very varied supply of "similar" items out there.
My two cents...
I have bought all of my brake and oil fittings (Goodridge) from Mike Bond and yes, he is expensive but I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for. The best thing with Mike is that the advice is free and there is plenty of it.

Not sure of the total cost but will look it up this weekend if anyone is interested.

It's a good idea to fit an oil temp gauge as suggested. You can then monitor your oil temp and close off some of the airflow to the cooler if the ambient temp is low. (Zwartkops mid winter mornings) If you build a duct for the coolers air flow, you can tape up a section if the oil temp is low. Hot-To-Cold supply a good product and hi-pressure hoses and fittings form Eden Machine Hydraulics are at a very good price.
Eden machined hydraulics are great! I had nothing but great service from them. Father and son managed business.

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