Clutch Problem
It does not happen often but the first time was on a track day.
and strangely again on a cold morning the other day. ( it whent away when I got some heat in the motor/gearbox.

After a decent number of hot laps on a track day the clutch spored working as in no bite at all. I could have the motor running and change gears without depressing the clutch. when the motor cooled for about 10 minutes it was fine no problems at all.

It only seems to happen when I get alot of heat in the assembly the motor was not overheating.

I have a hydraulic clutch fitted. It is a complete internal slave cylinder unit. Unit supplied by dorino at largo eng.

Anyone else had this or have advice.
What fluid are you using? I know Dorino had a problem with those units and a certain type of fluid. Call him and ask him!

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