Toyota A6 Blacktop
Stan The Man Wrote:but it will be a while before I will see a sub 2 minute at kyalami again.

Just follow Anton close enough and you will see how its done :-"
Just out of interest when you guys refer to standard 20V's does that mean both so-called silver AND black tops?

This thread has reminded me that I must ask Neville to pop an ad in the classifieds as I have spare heads for both and lots of other bits and bobs lying around so if anyone wants to "upgrade" to a black top (the benefits of which seem much maligned on the various forums so let's not go there..), or broke something I can help. Mind you, the cost of refurbing a 20V head probably exceeds the cost of a whole motor IF you find a fresh one from the Jap importers of course.

As we are all (I think) older than 16 in this club, let's be wary of forum dyno shootouts! One guy's horse in power terms is often another guy's Shetland pony and vice versa. Best comparison (if necessary, or of interest) is everyone at the same dyno on the same day. Otherwise happy tuning and let your lap times or terminal speed over 400m be the judge.

Bryn Wrote:"upgrade" to a black top

I have been wondering about this and intended on posting a topic but I'm gonna hijack this one for a quick answer. Is it possible to just replace the head and in effect do a Silvertop to Blacktop conversion?

I might be interested....:-k
Yes but.....

Be aware of the following differences between B/top and S/top.

1. The B/top has bigger inlet and exhaust ports and it is
advisable to fit the b/top throttle bodies with B/top head.

2. The S/top uses a different cam belt (One tooth less if memory serves me right) , and
tensioning system(spring vs b\top hydraulic tensioner. The
crank cambelt gear is smaller with a different off-set spacer.

3. The thermostat housing on b/top is a little bigger.
Depending on your installation you could have clearance

These are not major issues but you do have to take care.

Generally it is easier to get a complete b\top motor than just the cylinder head.

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