Lotus Twincam Water Pump
Im busy building an original lotus twin cam motor and during strip down noticed that the front cover which houses the water pump bearing assembly had worn and the bearing was sloppy in the housing. I bored it out and sleeved it with a bronze insert. 

A new water pump assembly, impeller, bearing and seat was purchased from Burton and straight away i noticed the bearing shaft lengths were shorter than the one i removed. Never the less i assembly the engine and whilst pressing the pulley hub on the shaft noticed that in order for the pulley to line up ,only a portion of the hub is on the shaft. 

After bolting on the pulley i have picked up a rocking on the pulley. All bearings have play but Im not sure this is acceptable. 

Has anyone else experienced this in the past? 

I can strip down the motor, but its a lot of work to complete, especially if i dont have to.

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