Converting left hand drive 7 to right hand drive
As per the title, what are the implications of converting a left hand drive Birkin to right hand drive? Is it possible, or does the chassis design not allow for it? I'm interested in the CS3-XS track chassis currently being advertised in the classifieds:

It has all the components I'm looking for, but unfortunately it's left hand drive. I would want to use it on the road too, not just on the track.

Any info will be appreciated.
Hi Roy

Basically you will have to move the pedal box from left to right.  The pedal box mounts onto two vertical plates which need to be welded onto the righthand side. The alluminium cladding covering that area needs to be changed and the fuse box needs to be moved. If the car already has a steering rack it will also have to be changed.
The bonnet may have a buldge on the left which means mods to the bonnet and the dash panel needs to be changed. 
Lastly the steering shaft bush on the dashboard tube needs to be moved
So yes it certainly is possible and not overly difficult.

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