jalo cap !
    [attachment=16][attachment=16][attachment=16][attachment=16]         Hi Friends,

What a most pleasant surprise to receive a unique 'jalo' cap at the recent Noggin.
Really then hope that TLR fashion team has registered this original and very practical design,
as am sure it will be a world-wide success.
Being a genuine Dutchman, I could immedaitely appreciate the cost advantage of only having
one club cap instead of two, as well as always having the right one with me, which will save quite 
a bit on 'Sarge' fines also !
My family thought it to be quite appropriate as they already think that I am not sure anymore
if I am ' coming or going ' and this distinctive cap conveniently solves that problem.

So a genuine big ' thank you ' to all concerned and be assured that I will wear it with pride.

Loutusnut ( Gerry Kramer)

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