Bushes, inserts and balljoints.
I thought it was tuff getting certain spares for the aircrafty that I resored but it seems worse for thsi little 7 I am building.

Maybe it is just patience that is lacking .....

In the Gibbs book the brackets for the wishbones call for a 12.5 mm hole. Now that is where my problem starts. I need a steel (preferably stainless) inserts that fits int 2 plastic(nylon) bushes which fits into the out steel sleeve which is part of the wishbone.

Well I cannot get ss hollow bar or even mild steel hollow bar in the size 19ODx12.5IDx44Lenth. I have managed to get solid bar 19mm which must now be drilled out to 12.5mm.

Where can I now get suppliers of the nylon or somebody that will not charge me R45(times 44 - eishh) each to make.

Maybe theree was an easier rout to follow but I am now halfway there.

The issue with the balljoints is that the plans call for the Maxi balljoint used in the old Austin which is the same as what Locost is using. Welll there is none available. If anybody knows of 2 please give me a call or if you have used some other balljoint I will gladly listen to you


Try Andrew Jackson on 082 446 2107 for Ball joints etc

Will give him a call first thing in the morning.=d>


Hi Pieter, Check your e-mail I have sent you a drawing

Have not received it yet.

Slow going email!

Will check again in the morning. Thanks


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