Speedometer repair
I am looking for help in repair/ replacement of my speedometer. I have had the transmission apart and replaced a drive gear and the speedo worked for ~ 300 km then stopped again. I am thinking that either there is something wrong with the head unit (mechanical 1989 Birkin supplied speedo) or ???. Does anyone have aworking spare head unit I can try - and buy if it works - or refer me to a place where I can get it checked-out/ refurbished.

Try Derek Knightingale on 0824562504, He repairs all automotive instruments expertly.
I second that - Derek Nightingale really knows his stuff and has years of experience with Smiths instruments in particular but repairs all kinds of automotive instruments.
The Speedo in mine runs off a pickup on the prop shaft. This may be useful if you have difficulty repairing it.
I have cable driven VDO unit that is surplus to requirements. You're welcome to try it out some time. That said, you should quite easily be able to determine if your cable is turning first to determine if the problem lies in the drive from the 'box or in the instrument itself. I doubt you'd want to pull the box again to fix the thing so you'd probably be inclined to convert to a hall effect pickup and an electronic speedo.

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