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Hennie Trollip has a massive photograph in his workshop. I took a cell phone pic, who can shed light on who it is and what the occasion was? The occasion looks to be a function/launch in a showroom.

Hi Clinton, this pic was taken at the launch of the Birkin 7 circa 83 or 84. You can see the the "Status Cars" noted on the side of the Birkin and my guess is that this is John Hadfield although it does look like Colin Chapman but sadly he had passed away by this stage. Its impressive to note that Hazel Chapman, Nigel Mansell and Elio deAngelis were present at the same function! I do have more pics and will post when I have more time on my hands!
I thought it might be Graham Nearn sitting in a Caterham! How wrong could I be ](*,)
I was waiting for this, did not had a clue and just knew that the Nut would have the answer, impressive....=d>
[Image: 0001_zpsc323526d.jpg]

Picture of the JPS serial no 84001 taken in Pietermaritzburg in 1984. John Hadfield lent me this one whilst my one 84004 was being completed.
I have often wondered what happened to this car.

[Image: 0001a_zps33f8e545.jpg]
If my memory serves me correctly 84001 was owned by Brian Goodison for quite some time. It eventually had a Lotus Twincam fitted. If it is indeed the Goodison car it was sold by Brian Goodison to another Brian (Forget his surname, the insurance salesman) who I believe has since moved the car on as well.
Roger kindly sent me this pic in 2011 and I featured it in the July 2011 issue of The Lotus Legend (on p19).

"A tale of Twice Brian
By way of answer to my own question I contacted The Two Brians - Fraser and Goodison. Brian F had bought Brian G's very early model black Birkin Seven when the latter returned to the UK and I wondered if
this might be the same car as [Roger's] one... Here are their responses:
Brian F:
No Sir, the chassis number of my car was no.0002 from the Birkin factory in Pietermaritzburg.
Brian G:
Brian is quite right, that is not my ex car. My car was number 2 of the Kit Cars and that car is probably number 1 of the fully built cars
that Birkin first made and sold through Status Cars in Maritzburg. Originally Birkin said they were not making kits but then started
selling the kits of which I bought number 2."

However, we still don't know what happened to the car in Roger's pic
You are right, Brian Goodison was an owner of 84001 I think.

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